Photo Gallery

Leroy Sibbles & Derrick Lara of The Tamlins on the waterfront


Stranger Cole on vocals


Derrick Morgan on vocals


Gladdy Anderson & Stranger Cole


Gladdy Anderson on vocals


Ken Booth sings with The Tamlins


Crew on the street in Kingston


Leroy Sibbles & The Tamlins at the Waterfront


Linford Hux Brown


Marcia Griffiths on vocals


The musicians wait and chat


Rita Marley


Scully Simms in empty theatre


Sly Dunbar on drums


Montreal Jazz Fest Rocksteady mega concert


Rocksteady's legendary artists performing at the Montreal INternational Jazz Festival


Montreal INternational Jazz Festival 2009 Rocksteady mega concert


Leroy Sibbles performing at the Montreal Jazz Fest Rocksteady mega concert