Production Team


Stascha Bader
Writer & Director

Stascha Bader was born in 1956 and is a Swiss writer and director. He was seduced by Reggae the first time he heard it in the 1970s and based his doctoral thesis on it titled “Electro-Oral Poetry in Jamaica and England.” It earned him a Ph.D. degree from Zurich University and was also published in Germany as “Words like Fire: Dance Hall-Reggae and Ragamuffin.“

When Bader started collecting Jamaican recordings, he fell in love with the earliest Reggae songs, from the Rocksteady era. “Rocksteady songs have a subtle sound, intimate character and beautifully expressive vocals,” he says. “The story of Rocksteady has never been told ... It’s been my privilege to have met the musicians who played the music, and that they shared their stories with me.” The outcome is Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, which is Bader’s first feature film.

Bader also studied music, script writing and directing in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles and has worked, for the past 10 years, as a freelance writer and director of television documentaries. His documentaries have been broadcast prime time on Swiss National Television and 3sat (Switzerland, Austria, Germany). Bader specializes in music documentaries and music videos. Among his credits are Paris Rap; Black Blanc Beur: The Life of a Multi-Cultural Dance-Company in Paris; Forever Young In Switzerland: 50 Years Swiss Pop Music; and DJ Tatana, Technoqueen of Switzerland.


Betty Palik

A graduate of McGill University, Betty Palik heads Muse Entertainment’s Documentary Division and is also the company’s Director of Communications. She joined Muse in 1998 after a prolific career in journalism and broadcasting. She was a newspaper, radio and magazine staff reporter for The Gazette, Time Magazine (Canada) and the CBC. As Muse Entertainment’s Director of Communication, she produces press releases, press kits, electronic press kits and print and audiovisual materials, such as posters, catalogues, “Making-Of’s” and “Behind-the Scenes” for distributors, broadcasters, festivals and film markets.

Before producing Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, Palik wrote, directed and produced a number of behind-the-scenes shorts for television and DVDs. They include The Making of Tales from the Neverending Story, The Making of Human Trafficking, The Making of Answered by Fire, The Making of Niagara Motel, The Making of Mind Over Murder and The Making of The Deal. Palik became enchanted with Jamaican music when she first toured the island in the 1970s while on a newspaper assignment to write a travel story. “Reggae played loudly on the radio in every store, taxi and bus. It was incredibly energizing music. I loved it,” she says. “I jumped at the chance to produce this film because I too wanted to meet the creators of this wonderful music.”



Valentin Greutert

Valentin Greutert was born 1974 in Switzerland. After studying economics and business administration at the Universities of Basel and Berne, he started working as a production assistant for Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion where he worked his way up to become line producer and business manager. He handled the production of numerous documentary and feature films. Together with Producer Simon Hesse, Greutert founded HesseGreutert Film in March 2004. Since then, the company has produced six feature films, among them the award-winning TV movies “Her Second Chance” and “Death of a Farmer.” Greutert is board member of the Swiss Motion Picture Association. He initiated "Rocksteady: The Roots Of Reggae" together with director Stascha Bader in 2006.


Michael Prupas
Executive Producer, President and CEO, Muse Entertainement Enterprises

Michael Prupas is a 30-year veteran of the Canadian and international film and television industries. He practiced entertainment law for 20 years, including 15 years as a senior partner at the law firm Heenan Blaikie where he was head of the firm’s entertainment law practice, the largest in Canada. Prupas is an internationally recognized authority in financing and packaging international co-productions. He is also involved in the international distribution of feature films and television programs through Muse Distribution International. Among his more than 50 credits as executive producer or producer are the TV
miniseries Impact (ProSieben/Cuatro/TF1/ABC), Human Trafficking (Lifetime/Chum/TQS/RHI), Answered by Fire (CBC/ ABC) and The Flood (ITV/CBC); the TV series Crusoe (NBC), Durham County (TMN/Movie Central/Global), Family Biz (YTV/France2/Canal Plus),This is Wonderland (CBC), Tales from the Neverending Story (CBC/Hallmark) and Twice in a Lifetime (CTV/Pax); the feature films The Deal, Niagara Motel, Savage Messiah and The Guilty; and the TV movies The Wind in the Willows, (BBC/CBC/PBS) I Me Wed (Lifetime/TF1), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (SciFi/Global) Black Widower (Lifetime/CTV/TF1), Murder in the Hamptons (Lifetime/CTV) Plain Truth (Lifetime/CTV), Ice Bound (CBS/Global), Silent Night (Hallmark/Global), The Many Trials of One Jane Doe (CBC/Lifetime), Class Warfare (TNT/Chum/Pearson) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Hallmark/CTV).

Prupas discovered Reggae music while vacationing with his family in Jamaica in the 1980s. “Reggae bands came to play at the beach hotels. They were electrifying. We couldn’t stop our feet from dancing,” he says.



Robert Boulos
Line Producer

Robert Boulos has more than 20 years of experience in different aspects of production including working behind the camera and behind the stage.  He’s led multiple high profile movies and projects in America, North Africa and Europe for NBC, Fox/Saban and Scott Free/RSA (Man on Fire, Gladiator, Blackhawk Down) and for Merchant/Ivory.  He has developed a vast network of contacts in cinema, music, television and event production, which have, in turn, given him the opportunity to gather a greater experience in new media and internet television.   
Robert is currently developing more than 300 episodes of Didier Ze Mime (  He has recently line produced a documentary on Jamaican music, Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, which has generated a great deal of media attention; directed and produced a documentary distributed in numerous countries called Cavalia: Un Rêve Liberté and contributed to the feature film, The City of Your Final Destination (Merchant/Ivory). 
He takes pride in delivering high quality products on time and on budget.



Moss "Mossman' Raxlen
Music Producer

Moss Benjamin “Mossman” Raxlen was born in Montreal in 1974 and spent his childhood years wrestling his siblings for the Fischer Price xylophone, so great was his desire to flex his musical muscles. He learned to play bass guitar when he was 18 and soon dabbled in many other instruments. He also collected records. He learned dub mixing and sound engineering from Bayani " Bunny " C. Esguerra, his mentor. In 1996, Raxlen began collecting rare Reggae 45's and expanded greatly on his knowledge of the genre with the help of music historian Leroy J. Pierson. In 1997 Raxlen started one of Montreal's longest standing club nights, the "Dub-Lounge" at Isart bar in old Montreal, which is now located at Blizzarts. In that year, Raxlen and Bunny produced their first album, "Message in the Dub."

In 2001, Raxlen started his own label "Dispensation" and released his first album "Mossman Vs. The World Bank." In 2002 he met legendary guitarist Lynn Taitt, and worked with him at the Montreal Jazzfest. He recorded an album with Taitt in Taitt’s backyard studio. Raxlen also released "Mossman vs. Tsunami" and "Message in the Dub."

Raxlen has visited Jamaica regularly over the past three years and has worked with the Skatalites, Kid Koala, Mutaburuka, Michael Rose of Black Uhuru and many more.


Piotr Jaxa

Piotr Jaxa graduated from Lodz’s famous National Polish Film School in 1969 and has worked as a photographer and cinematographer ever since. He’s worked with the notable directors Krystof Kieslowsky and Maximilian Schell. A Swiss citizen, Jaxa is considered to be an authority on HD VideoTechnology in Switzerland. His recent credits as DOP include Tag am Meer, directed by Morits Gerber (2007); Hello Goodbye, directed by Stefan Jäger (2007); Nachbeben, directed by Stina Werenfels (2006); Le soleil orange, directed by P. Jaxa & U. Lesiak (2005); Staila Crudanta (Falling Star), directed by Pascal Bergamin; Meine Schwester Maria, directed by Maximilian Schell (2002); and Alberto Giacometti, directed by Gero von Boehm (2001).


Production Companies

Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.

Muse Entertainment is a leading film and television producer known for its well-crafted and high-quality productions with strong international appeal. Since its founding in 1998 by Michael Prupas who serves as the company’s President and CEO, Muse Entertainment has produced, co-produced or provided production services on more than 100 TV movies and mini-series, television series and feature films.

For theatrical release, Muse Entertainment produces its own independent movies and also provides production services for Hollywood and New York studios and independents. Some of Muse’s own feature films include Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, The Deal, Niagara Motel, and Savage Messiah. Muse provided full production services for many US features including the Academy Award nominated I’m Not There, The Fountain, Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal and Catch Me If You.

For television, Muse Entertainment produces dramatic series, television movies and family programs. Its most recent series Crusoe, aired on NBC. Its series Durham County won 5 Gemini Awards in 2008. Muse's prime-time, award-winning series This is Wonderland, is seen in over 120 territories worldwide. Muse’s spectacular SFX series Tales from the Neverending Story is also seen worldwide as is its most recent 26-part series for kids, Family Biz.

Muse’s big-event, mini-series The Last Templar, recently aired on NBC. Impact aired on ABC and several European countries. Its mini-series Human Trafficking has been broadcast around the world. Its mini-series Answered by Fire, won multiple awards. Muse is also known for its award-nominated and award-winning TV movies such as The Wind in the Willows, Ice Bound, starring Susan Sarandon, Silent Night, The Many Trials of One Jane Doe, Plain Truth and Murder in the Hamptons.
Muse's head office and Quebec production centre are located in Montreal. The company has four other production and development operations in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Los Angeles.


HesseGreutert Film AG

Established in 2004 by Simon Hesse and Valentin Greutert, HesseGreutert Film is an independent production company based in Zurich, Switzerland. HesseGreutert Film produces films for theatrical release as well as television. They initiated the project "Rocksteady: The Roots Of Reggae" in summer 2006.

Among the company's credits are the award-winning television movies "Her Second Chance" and "A Farmer's Death", the feature documentary "Max Frisch, Citoyen" about the famous Swiss writer Max Frisch, the feature films "Day At The Seaside", a drama released in summer 2009 and "Night Rush", a thriller coproduced with Germany. HesseGreutert Film is currently working on a 3D horror film entitled One Way Trip as well as a family picture tentatively titled The Curse of the Bear. The company is ember of the European producer network ACE.



Muse Distribution International

Muse Distribution International is Muse Entertainment’s distribution division. The company’s catalogue contains more than 200 hours of top quality entertainment including dramas, television series, children’s/family entertainment, documentaries and feature films. The company supplies programming to television broadcasters and home entertainment publishers around the world, and also brings US-made television dramas and documentaries into Canada.

Please contact Jesse Prupas,
(1) 514-866-6873